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Own an exclusive limited edition print by Sara Shamsavari for Shantrelle P. Lewis' global series "The Dandy Lion Project'. Shamsavari's celebrated portraits of sartorial gentlemen across the globe have been featured in The New York Times, Guardian and beyond described as "revealing the power of fashion and art to change our perceptions of the world...a portal to a land where dignity and respect are the basis on which our humanity is met"

CALIGRAPHIST LONDON, 2014 is available in the following sizes and editions:

42.0 X 59.4 cm / Edition of 59/ Archival inkjet print mounted on aluminium with subframe

59.4 X 84.1 cm /edition of 19/ Archival inkjet print mounted on aluminium with subframe

84.1 X 118.4cm /Edition of 9/ Archival inkjet print mounted on aluminium with subframe

All Sara Shamsavari editions are Tagsmart Certified. Each collector will receive a DNA tagged work and receive an unforgeable Certificate of Authenticity in both paper and digital form (

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